Our Story

Our Story – Ocean Adventures Phillip Island: From Sea to Thrilling Sea
Welcome to Ocean Adventures Phillip Island, where our journey is steeped in the deep blue waters that surround this magnificent island paradise. Our story is one of transformation, passion, and a deep connection to the ocean, guided by our owner and operator – Brendon Jones.

A Fisherman’s Calling
Brendon Jones, a lifelong resident of Phillip Island, grew up with the ocean as his backyard and the waves as his playground. As a young man, he followed in the footsteps of his family, becoming a skilled fisherman. The sea was his teacher, imparting its lessons of respect, unpredictability, and the undeniable allure of the open waters and its inhabitants. Safety, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction are at the core of everything we do.

Birth of Ocean Adventures
In 2008, Ocean Adventures Phillip Island was born. Brendon acquired the business and has been operating since 2022. His intricate knowledge of the island’s coastal waters and his experiences as a fisherman, he was uniquely positioned to offer jet boat tours that would captivate visitors with the island’s natural beauty and untamed energy.
A Legacy of Discovery
Since our inception, Ocean Adventures Phillip Island has been dedicated to providing more than just a thrilling ride. We are committed to fostering an understanding of the ocean’s ecological importance and the need for its preservation. Brendon’s intimate connection to the sea infuses every aspect of our tours, from the way we navigate the waves to the stories we share about the island’s history, marine life, and conservation efforts.

Join Our Journey
Today, as a testament to Brendon’s vision and dedication, Ocean Adventures Phillip Island stands as a beacon of adventure and discovery. Our jet boat tours allow you to witness the island’s rugged cliffs, hidden coves, and abundant wildlife, all while embracing the thrill of the open water.We invite you to join our journey and experience Phillip Island through the eyes of an ex-fisherman who turned his passion for the sea into an exhilarating adventure. Come aboard and be part of our story as we continue to explore, respect, and cherish the ocean that has shaped us.