About Us

About Us – Ocean Adventures: Discover the Thrills of Phillip Island
Welcome to Ocean Adventures, your gateway to exhilarating jet boat tours on the breathtaking Phillip Island. We are thrilled to take you on an unforgettable journey through the pristine waters surrounding this natural wonder. Prepare to embark on a thrilling voyage that merges scenic beauty with heart-pounding excitement, all while prioritizing your safety and comfort.

Our Mission

At Ocean Adventures, our mission is to provide an unparalleled jet boat tour experience that showcases the beauty, diversity, and raw power of the ocean surrounding Phillip Island. We are dedicated to offering thrilling adventures that create lasting memories while fostering a deep appreciation for the marine environment and its inhabitants. Safety, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction are at the core of everything we do.

Why Choose Ocean Adventures?

Exhilarating Jet Boat Rides: Hold onto your hats as our state-of-the-art jet boats accelerate, spin, and skim across the water’s surface, delivering an adrenaline rush like no other. Our skilled captains expertly navigate the waves, ensuring a heart-pounding adventure that will leave you exhilarated.
Spectacular Scenery: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Phillip Island’s coastline. Get up close and personal with iconic landmarks, stunning cliffs, and hidden coves of Cape Woolamai that can only be truly appreciated from the water.
Expert Crew: Our experienced and certified crew members are not only skilled navigators but also passionate about marine life and the island’s unique ecosystem. They are here to provide you with an educational and engaging experience, sharing their knowledge and insights about the local environment.
Family-Friendly Fun: Ocean Adventures is the perfect choice for families seeking an exciting yet safe adventure. Our tours cater to all age groups, ensuring that everyone on board has a blast while also learning about the wonders of the sea.
Environmental Stewardship: We are committed to preserving the natural beauty of Phillip Island for generations to come. Our tours adhere to strict eco-friendly practices, minimizing our impact on the environment and promoting responsible tourism.